Laugh and learn with Lucy & Andy, everyone’s favorite cavesibilings! Mammoth hunting, crafting tools from stone, making their own clothes… it’s all in a typical day for Lucy & Andy. Love and adventure, rivalries and more await you in this Neanderthal world!


Lucy is the older sister and she loves her brother Andy – but she also loves to give him a hard time! She’s creative and likes drawing on the cave walls, making her own clothes, or playing games with her friends. She’s also curious, which might get her in trouble as often as it leads to an amazing discovery.



Andy is the younger brother, but he really, really wants to go on the mammoth hunt with the adults. He’s tired of being treated like a kid, even if he is a kid! Andy gets frustrated sometimes, but in the end his heart is in the right place and he’ll grow up eventually, if he doesn’t poke the cave bear too much…



Charles & Luba

Lucy and Andy’s parents may be Neanderthals, but they’re not so different than parents today. They  care for their kids, but also make them do chores, won’t let them do things they want to, and they just don’t understand!



Lucy and Andy’s little brother Danny is a wide-eyed, adventurous toddler.  Unfortunately for anyone babysitting him, he doesn’t see any difference between trouble and fun!



Tiny is a scimitar-toothed cat – just a little smaller than real scimitar-toothed cats were 40,000 years ago. And even though Neanderthals didn’t have pet cats in real life,  Tiny decided that he should live with Lucy and Andy in their cave.

Book One

Meet Lucy and Andy, two Neanderthal kids living 40,000 years ago in the Stone Age! Lucy and Andy get to do things most kids today don’t – they make stone tools, design their own clothes, draw on their cave walls, and even sneak along on a mammoth hunt. But it turns out they may not be so alone – there’s new people moving into their neighborhood: humans!







Book Two: The Stone Cold Age

It’s winter and every day is a snow day for Lucy and Andy living in the Ice Age. Lucy and Andy are busy playing with their new human friends exploring glaciers, playing rock music, and making some sea shell jewelry. They also found a new cave home for their friends, and it’s perfect – except there’s a cave bear already living there!







Book Three: Bad To The Bones

Lucy and Andy have started a new club with their human friends: The Super Adventure Explorers Discovery Club. And they’ve already made their first discovery, finding dinosaur fossils. But just when Lucy and Andy are finally getting used to their neighborhood being a little more crowded, more people show up: three strangers…but they may not be as nice  as they’re trying to seem!