One has claws, does backflips off the furniture, screeches seemingly at random and seems to live in its own universe. The other one is a cat.

Whichever form of wild animal/charmer you live with, these books feature moments both sweet and regrettable that will have parents and cat-enablers alike nodding their heads with familiarity.

Cat Getting Out Of A Bag

Imagine if youtube videos of cats were comics, and you’ll have an idea of what Cat Getting Out Of A Bag is like. From randomly leaping at people’s feet to chasing imaginary bugs, this book will make  any cat owner say “that’s MY cat!”


Cats Are Weird

Everyone knows cat people can’t get enough of cats, and cat people who are cartoonists can’t get enough of  drawing cats. See more cats alternate between being totally sweet and totally psychotic and always a little bit weird in this second collection of cat comics.

Kids Are Weird

If you think cats are weird, just imagine if they could talk, and you’ll have a sense of what to expect in this book for both parents and kids. Collects the funniest and strangest sayings of Jeffrey’s son Oscar, from the time he started talking until the time he started making sense.