From across the galaxy or universe or whatever, on the strange planet of electrocybercircuitron, live THE INCREDIBLE CHANGE BOTS.

At least they did live there, until a horrible civil war forced the The Awesomebots and their rivals, the fearsome Fantasticons, to flee… landing them ultimately on earth! Now witness their awesome struggle to defeat each other and maybe wreck out planet too. But not, like, on purpose or anything.

Incredible Change-bots One

Far away in space, there is a planet full of robots able to change from robot form to vehicle form — the incredible change-bots! leaving their war-torn planet, the change-bots arrive on earth, where their battle continues – but at what cost?!







Incredible Change-bots Two

Three years ago, an alien race of shape-shifting robots came to earth, messed up a lot of stuff, and then left, but left something behind, and now they’re coming back — but why?





Two Point Something Something

The incredible change-bots are an alien race of shape-changing robots whose adventures are almost human, and often vehicular. collects a staggering amount of rare, hard to find, and perhaps unnecessary change-bots comics.